Experts in the design and manufacture of hotel and restaurant tableware

Watch our short film that shows how the idea for a new range of tableware becomes reality; from initial designs, through the complete manufacturing process until finally the plate is complete ready for service.



The Dudson philosophy is to combine innovation and design. We take a product idea from concept to reality, using our inherent craftsmanship and knowledge coupled with modern production facilities.

Our leading production facilities in Stoke-on-Trent embody a strong commitment to the UK, sourcing locally wherever possible and nurturing local skills and expertise.

A rich and unique heritage gives us pride in the past and passion for the future, helping to underpin our brand and set us apart from the crowd.

“Our ongoing programme of investment into manufacturing technology and development helps us set the standard in design and product performance for today’s hospitality market. Across all manufacturing areas, we continually strive to improve productivity and efficiency with no compromise on quality,” says Mark Dudson, Group Technical and Engineering Director.