Caring for your Cutlery

Modern cutlery is easy to care for but following certain tips will help prolong its life.




  • Rinsing with hot water immediately after use helps to reduce the chemical reaction of salts or acids.
  • Wash before using for the first time and as soon after each use as possible. Do not leave to soak overnight as mineral salts in the water will attack the metal surface.
  • Store and wash stainless steel and silver cutlery separately.
  • Wash knives separately and place spoon bowls and fork tines in an upward position when washing to allow the water to rinse the items more effectively.
  • Remove cutlery and dry immediately after washing, paying particular attention to knife blades. Never leave in a closed, damp dishwasher.
  • Always follow the dishwasher and detergent manufacturers’ instructions for use.