Two Birds One Stone

The rapid inner-city expansion of Melbourne in Victoria, along with its reputation as a ‘foodie’ capital has largely been driven by a thriving café scene.



Right in the heart of the fashion district, you will find Two Birds One Stone, a sophisticated yet homely 80-seater café.

The building itself is impressive: a new build featuring white panelled walls down one side and patchwork stained glass on the other, with cosy booths welcoming those seeking out a vibrant and hearty menu, from breakfast to late lunch.

Owner/operator Jag Nijjer (Jags) had arrived in Melbourne from India with a calling to be in the food industry. He found everything he could have wished for in Two Birds One Stone, purchasing the venue two years ago from cutting edge developers in the café scene, Nathan Toleman and Diamond Rozakeas.


Great food made in-house at Two Birds One Stone
Seasonal ingredients at Two Birds One Stone

Jags has put together a great team, all driven by a desire for excellence in everything a good café has to offer: great food made in-house, exemplary service, and of course, fantastic coffee! On-hand at the coffee machines are baristas Andrew and Amanda, who always aim to deliver the finest of brews, whether your penchant is for a single origin espresso, or a good hot skinny latte. They have developed a number of interesting and diverse twists to the good old cup of coffee and love using Evo Granite cups for the added strength and durability needed in such a fast-paced social hub.

The food inspiration comes from Chef Eddie Athwal. He honed his skills at the highly rated Auction Rooms Café in northern Melbourne, where he pioneered the innovative and creative food experiences he is known for. The emphasis at Two Birds One Stone is on quality.

Together with Sous-Chef Arky Bhatt (also from The Auction Rooms), he has created a vibrant and hearty seasonal menu with dishes such as house-made crumpets with rhubarb jam; crispy pork belly with Asian slaw and chilli on brioche buns; and all pastries and cakes are made in-house.

Eddie loves using Evo across the menu and he mixes the colours and shapes to create an eclectic style, making every dish ‘pop’. A recent tableware addition has been the Harvest wobbly bowl, now used for a lunch special – tastes delicious and looks fantastic!

The Melbourne café scene has sprung from a long history of migration from all over the world. It is a heady mix of rich Italian, Greek and Chinese influences from the early to mid-20th century, through to India and newer Asian influences of Vietnam and Thailand, among others. Blessed with a climate that makes the cultivation of a wide mix of produce possible together with Melbourne’s mix of ethnicities and culture has fostered the creation of all styles of food which are then fused with a western sensibility.

This multicultural mix is no more apparent than what you will find at Two Birds One Stone.