The Georgian House

Set in the heart of St. Anne on the small island of Alderney, The Georgian House is the longest established restaurant and hotel here.


This three-storey townhouse hostelry is well loved by visitors and locals alike.


Taking some time out to talk to us, Chef Kevin Honeywood shares some of the challenges of island life.

You seem to have a passion for uncomplicated and locally sourced food. Where does this come from?

Alderney has quality beef and pork. The ‘farm-to-table’ attitude creates the uncomplicated style of food we serve here at The Georgian House. The whole island works as one large family, with some people having as many as three jobs. We get our pork from Alderney Free Range Pigs and our kippers from across the road at McAllister’s Fish Shop.

What are the daily challenges in achieving this and how do you adapt?

The changes to our menu are seasonal and we adapt it to what is available at that time of year. We do get ingredients such as mushrooms, apples and pears from locals who swap their produce for a beer or two! The supply of vegetables changes with the seasons, but we do alright for leaves and watercress.


External view of The Georgian House
Locally sourced ingredients at at the heart of The Georgian House's menu


Has life on the island inspired you to create your mix of British Pub style foods with a European look? How did this evolve?

This has evolved to keep the menus flexible, so that we can cope with changes

in supply of produce. I can get a delivery of pollock from my fisherman at any time of the day, including 2.30 in the morning! Therefore, we have to be able to change the menu at the drop of a hat, especially during the holiday period. So, we keep an extensive menu which enables us to handle around 100 covers every day.

Were you always destined to live on an island, be it ever so large or ever so small?

Obviously I come from a very large island, and I had been working in Suffolk and London before I arrived here. So, when I came to Alderney for the very first time, I found it bizarre. It is so small and everyone knows everyone, but actually that is the beauty of the place.

Does being a family run business influence the way it works?

It has certainly had an influence in creating a team of people who are enthusiastic about Alderney, The Georgian House, excellent service and quality food. But it’s not just one team of people, it is several teams. The kitchen staff and chefs rotate throughout the year, some just come for the summer months. This introduces new ideas from around the world to The Georgian House on a regular basis. For example, I’m leaving next week to travel and do some private cooking, experimenting and finding new things. When I return, I will bring these new ideas back with me.