The 18 Story

We are motivated by your passion and strive to make products that complement your creations perfectly.

18 is a testament of our commitment to you.

Within its pages, we share your influences and philosophies; your daily challenges and goals; your dedication and hard work.

We are proud our stunning ceramics are loved by hospitality industry professionals and each edition of 18 is a window on to your world.

With contributions from owner-operated restaurants to large multi-national hotel groups, we have discovered our product has a place front of house in all of them.

Every edition provides a glimpse behind the scenes into busy kitchens and we would like to thank everyone who has agreed to take part. For their time, their candour and their willingness to share their experiences with us, and with you.

So, thanks go to all the contributors to the first edition: Rakesh Nair; Krzysztof Matlosz; Graham Hunter and Matt Crowther; Richard O’Connell; Brendan Robson; Ferdinand Reitz; Eddie Athwal and Jag Nijjer.

In this second edition you will find interviews with Rick Bayless; Ninaa and Jay Shanghavi; Keith Pears; Nacho Chicharro; Johan Rox and Tim Reynolds; Stefano Cerveni; David Ricardo and Gareth Wisneski; Kevin Honeywood; and Delphine Pesrin-Auder and Mickael Pesrin. The diversity of venues, cooking styles and personalities is immense.

We feel extremely privileged to be a part of this great industry and hope that within these pages, you will find inspiration and empathy with your fellow professionals.

18 story - chef Eddie Athwal
General Manager of The Royal Pug, Graham Hunter