Studio Sztuki Kulinarnej

We recently enjoyed a chat with Chef & Tutor Krzysztof Matlosz from Studio Sztuki Kulinarnej (Culinary Arts Studio), about the philosophy of the school, his students and what makes a happy team in the kitchen…

What is the philosophy behind your teaching at Studio Sztuki Kulinarnej?

Krzysztof: We are a group of enthusiasts of good cuisine. We present what is inspired by nature, seasoned with a pinch of imagination and topped with love and respect!

Of course, we teach the basics – techniques, product knowledge and to respect your ingredients – good products treated well will result in a dish of high quality. But, more than that, we need to inspire our students to develop creative thinking; to extend their knowledge and acquire new skills along the way.

How many students do you take each year, and at what age?

Krzysztof: I work with 5 to 8 groups of around 15 students of 16/17 years of age. We are with them for four years during the best time of their lives, when they are embracing creativity – we cannot waste that.

Do you specialise in a particular cuisine at the school?

Krzysztof: Trends in gastronomy change often but we cannot go crazy focusing on a trend that may have gone by the time the students finish their course! As a teacher I also have to work hard, improving my knowledge and skills to pass on to them. Exchanging experiences and knowledge with other chefs is empowering. A good chef has no secrets – where would we be without Ferran Adrià or the Roca brothers – or any number of famous and well-respected chefs?

Have any recent food trends surprised you?

Krzysztof: A couple of years ago I became interested in food pairing. With Heston Blumenthal’s food pairing theory, we now have unexpected flavours – only creative geniuses like Heston would be able to connect caviar with white chocolate! I’d like to meet him someday… A recent trend was to serve food on strange things: a piece of wood or metal; stone or even bone! Thankfully, that fad is now passing and plates are making a comeback.

In your opinion, what makes a happy kitchen team?

Krzysztof: Team spirit and co-operation. A good leader is the foundation of a strong team and that person should be able to listen and offer support to every team member.

What is the importance of tableware to your students?

Krzysztof: I like them to serve a dish on several plates so they learn about different styles of presentation. I believe it encourages them to be creative. Having access to various styles of tableware is fundamental to their creative development – sometimes they surprise me with their ideas!

What will 2017 hold for the cookery school, do you think?

Krzysztof: I hope that we will have the opportunity for the students to participate in internships in Spain, Great Britain, Italy and Germany, where they will face new challenges and gain experience in professional kitchens to prepare them for the jobs market.

Students from Studio Sztuki
Learning to plate food at Studio Sztuki