Our customers create food for everyone to enjoy. Our products help this happen.


We’re proud our stunning ceramics are loved by hospitality industry professionals.

And we have been for nine generations.


The passion of the chefs and caterers who rely on our long-lasting tableware is what motivates us. Every dining experience is a feast for the senses – how food smells, how it tastes and how it looks when placed in front of you.

Our customers understand that sourcing the best doesn’t just apply to ingredients.

We make them happy by making plates, bowls and dishes that help them delight their diners, day in, day out. Excellent produce, expertly prepared, exquisitely presented.

Enduring, not elitist

Our products can make chefs think differently about how they frame their food. But they’re not for one-off masterpieces. They’re the most durable canvasses a creative cook can choose.

We don’t put our family name on anything we’re not proud of. And that means industrial toughness as well as inspirational design.



Dudson Fine China

Building since 1800

We’re investors in relationships. Our customers rely on product performance, not just aesthetics.

Our employees devote time and talent to ensure high standards are never compromised.

We reward this commitment with continual improvement and innovation throughout our business.