The Harvest Story

The Harvest Story features this popular collection throughout its production, showing the skill and care that goes into each and every piece.

Today’s dining styles reflect chefs’ passion for embracing local ingredients and the ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy behind many provenance styled menus.

Harvest has been specifically designed to echo this recent trend in food culture. Here, we show you the skill and care that goes into making every piece.

Casting: A Harvest creamer being carefully removed from its mould.

The Harvest Story - CastingThe Harvest Story - Throwing

Clay throwing: May sound easy, but the technique takes years to perfect! Harvest deep bowls, expertly created, then dried ready for firing.

Fettling and sponging: Harvest holloware fettled and sponged by hand, removing excess clay to ensure a smooth finish.

The Harvest STory - Fettling and SpongingThe Harvest Story - Plate stack ready for hand-dipping

Dipping: Stacks of Harvest plates waiting to be hand dipped in coloured glaze.

Hand decorating: Adding the glaze to the edge, bringing out the individuality of every Harvest piece. Rolled with precision time after time, creating the distinctive Harvest rim.

The Harvest Story - Hand Decorating

Quality checks: Every Harvest item, in fact every item Dudson manufactures, is hand checked to ensure it meets the exacting criteria needed to carry the Dudson backstamp.

Authenticity is not only the word of the day in restaurant kitchens; it is reflected in the hand-crafted look of Harvest, from its inspiration in the origins of ceramics, to the unique qualities of each and every piece.