Evo Ice

Ice – the colour for NOW!


Traditionally, blue has not been a colour favoured by chefs and has rarely been seen in restaurants, except the old blue and white china of tea shops of course. So why is blue so ‘in’ at the moment?


We put this question to Danny Goodall, Dudson Design Director…

Increasingly, chefs are using social media platforms to connect with their customers and the blue- plate trend started to emerge recently on Twitter and Instagram. Chefs like Nathan Outlaw have been championing blue for fish dishes especially – perhaps illustrating their connection to the sea and the whole experience on a plate idea brought to the fore by experimental chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adrià. And the result is that blue is very much in demand!

We have been looking at pastel colours for a while and feel that Ice is right on-trend and exactly what chefs are looking for. As a range, Evo is spot-on for a casual dining style, so Ice adds a touch of sophistication to the existing colours. It is available in a limited range, but chefs can add a ‘pop’ of colour to Pearl for example, with just a couple of pieces of Ice.

There is no denying that the recognition of Scandinavian chefs has helped to generate interest in unusual plates, and Ice blends beautifully into the Scandinavian colour palette of pale greys, white, beige, soft browns and blues – all colours we are currently seeing in restaurant interiors.

Evo Ice
Pudding on Evo Ice from Tom's Kitchen